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South End Capital a division of Stearns Bank, NA,, Business Loan Analyst, LendingTree® Mortgages,, LendingTree® Official Site, We are one of the nation’s top equipment financing lenders with over 30 Certified Lease Finance Professionals (CLFP) on staff. Our customized term and payment options match your business’s cash-flow cycle, and our innovative loan portal and live personal support enable us to issue financing approvals in hours, and fund in less than a day. 
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As a division of a $2.3 billion bank, you can count on the most competitive terms and a tailored equipment financing structure that works for you. Any mission critical equipment and most industries are considered. Click below to learn more and be contacted by a team member.

Commercial Loans

There is a wide variety of commercial mortgages available for your business. To help you pick the best option we have listed options available to you so you can make an informed decision.

Commercial mortgages can be used for the following:

1. Shopping centers, industrial buildings, office buildings
2. Golf courses, resorts, hotels, parking garages, car washes
3. Construction loans, ground leases, seconds, wraparounds, etc.

Capital Type Capital Type Definition

Acquisition and Development Raw land
infrastructure development (streets, utilities, etc.)

Adjustable Commercial Mortgage
Interest moves with a specific index (Prime, T-Bills, etc.)

Construction Mini-Perm
Construction with 3 to 5 year loan, usually on income property.

Construction Loan with Take-out
Construction with pre-arranged takeout loan in place.

Fixed Rate Commercial Mortgage
Interest Rate remains constant throughout the term.

Hard Money Loan
Loans from private lenders based primarily on the hard asset value (commercial building, vacant land, etc.).

Interim Loan
A short term (2 yrs or less), bridge or project type loan.

Joint Venture
A financial partner in the development of real estate.

Participating Mortgage
Lender receives a kicker for gross income above a preset level.

Real Estate Sale and Leaseback
Lender purchases land and leases back to borrower (generally developer) for a fixed rent plus other considerations. Mortgages are issued on leasehold at market rates. Usually, produces more dollars than a mortgage.

Real Estate Purchase Loan
Lending for the purchase of commercial real estate.

Second Mortgage (Commercial)
Loan secured by equity behind that of the first lien.

Lender makes a second mortgage and assumes the first mortgage.

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