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Working Capital

Working Capital Loans can be obtained and used for most business purposes including:

Construction, renovation or leasehold improvements. To purchase furniture, fixtures, machinery, or equipment. For the flooring of inventory and for working capital (payroll). As a down payment to finance the purchase of real estate for the business.

Capital Types:

Business Micro Loans
These are working capital loans are used for any business purpose.

personal loans
Credit Card Receipt Advances
A cash advance loan is secured against your regular occurring monthly merchant credit receipts. The loan is paid back via automatic deduction from future credit card transactions.

Sell Account Receivables
Your account receivables are purchased at a small discount and you get cash now.

Business Credit Cards
These loans are unsecured. Loan limits are based on your personal credit score and not your time in business.

Sale and Leaseback
Sale of an asset for cash, with a contract to lease the asset back from the funding source purchasing the asset. Sales tax can be an issue here with this type of funding.

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