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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Full Circle Business Credit Building Solution

Business Credit

What stage is your business in?  Just Starting? Already in Business?  Buying a Business?

Just Starting a Business - This is a perfect first step for your new business.  There is nothing worse then starting a new business without building a strong foundation first.  Our system will get you started on the right track where the end solution is a strong corporate foundation with unsecured business financing solutions.

Already in Business - You may have been in business for 15 years.  This does not mean you have a strong business credit profile.  You have never needed business financing in the past.  Our system will show you in real-time what your current business credit profile looks like with all three business credit reporting agencies.

Buying a Business - The business you are buying may not have a strong corporate foundation or an existing business credit profile.  If you plan on applying for a business loan in the future, our system can assist your business in getting unsecured financing without using a personal guarantee.

20 item checklist20 item business fundability check list
Most business banks and business lenders across the country are going to require 20 items before they approve you for a business loan or line of credit.  We will get your business in the green zone for all 20 items.

Reporting FilesOpen and reporting files with all three business credit reporting agencies
In order to be approved for true unsecured business financing, your business must have open files with the three main business credit reporting agencies: Experian Smart Business Reports, Equifax Small Business Financial Exchange, and Dun & Bradstreet.  We get you all three.

After we have helped you accomplish that, when then assist you.........

Reporting VendorsAccess hundreds of reporting vendors that are relative to your business model
There are over 500,000 vendors that extend business credit.  only 6,000 of these vendors will report your positive payments to the business credit reporting agencies.  We connect you with the right vendors for your business to show banks and lenders you have a good business credit history.

Business Credit CardsAccess business credit cards that do not require a personal guarantee
Your business must have at least 3 business credit cards that ONLY report on your business.  There are hundreds of business credit cards out there but very few that actually report on your business without using your personal social security number.  We will get you those credit cards.

Finally, our business finance advisers will assist you in......

Business LoansBusiness bank loans and lines of credit without using a personal guarantee
Once you have completed the above, you will be assigned a business finance adviser.  Your adviser will assist you in applying for business loans and lines of credit where there is no personal guarantee required.  You will be approved for true unsecured business financing.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Do You Qualify for a Small Business Loan?

You have a small business and your looking to expand, refinance, acquire more capital, ect. You need a small business loan, but you’re not sure if you qualify.

Well first lets decide if you’re actually a small business. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration the following characteristics are those of a small business:

  • Organized for profit
  • Has a place of business in the U.S.
  • Operates within the U.S. making significant contribution to the U.S. economy through payment of taxes or use of American products, materials or labor
  • Independently owned and operated
  • Not dominant in its field on a national basis

In addition to this list, your business must use SBA size standards to be selected as a small business, which depends on your number of employees over the past 12 months and receipts for the past three years.

Once you determined that you are indeed a small business, it’s time to see if you qualify for a small business loan:

  • Net worth must not exceed $7.5 million
  • Average net income over the last 2 years must not exceed $2.5 million
  • Business must be operated for profit and located in the U.S.
  • Owners must be U.S. citizens or resident aliens
  • 51% or greater percentage occupied by owner operated business

If you fit all these requirements and are looking for a small business loan, Newtek is here to help!

Newtek is the number one non-bank lender in the country. Financing small businesses from $50,000-$10 million. We have lent over half-a-billion dollars to over 800 U.S. based small businesses. Whether you’re expanding, refinancing your existing debt, or acquiring new equipment, Newtek provides financing solutions to help you grow your revenue or improve your cash flow with 25-year amortization schedules.