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Monday, October 9, 2017

How to Get $250,000 in Business Credit for Your EIN That’s Not Linked to Your SSN

During this 70 minute live-training you’ll discover how to build credit that’s linked to your EIN and not your SSN that requires no personal guarantee or credit check… and how to get business loans and credit lines even if you have personal credit issues, no collateral, or are just starting your business.

You’ll uncover…

What business credit really is… and how it can be obtained linked only to your EIN with no personal credit check or personal guarantee required for approval

How to get real vendor credit you’ll want and can use immediately after the training using your EIN… and how to get HIGH-LIMIT store credit cards within 90 days or less at most major stores

How to get started today and quickly build a business credit profile and score that you can use to fund your business with credit cards, loans, and credit lines

How you can get very high-limit CASH, Visa and MasterCard business credit cards… per SBA limits on these cards are typically 10-100 times higher than consumer limits

A look at actual business credit approvals similar to what YOU can get approved for quickly… see for yourself real approvals for $8,000, $10,000, $15,000, even multiple with $50,000 approvals that you can also get approved for following the steps in this webinar

5 things you must do to initially start a business credit profile and score… and how you can get business credit even if you are just starting your company and even if it’s out of your home.

Which business entity you should obtain to truly eliminate your personal liability… so you don’t expose your personal assets and keep you and your family’s finances safe and secure

How to fill out your credit and funding applications the RIGHT WAY… so you’ll meet credit issuer approval standards before you even apply to get immediate automated approvals

3 BIG mistakes people make that get them denied for credit when they apply… and how you can avoid these pitfalls to get approved

3 ways to get funding that your bank does NOT offer and will NOT tell you about… and how to get approved as a startup, with no collateral, or even if you have personal credit issues

How banks have their own credit score for your business… and how to easily get a top bank credit score to make you a HIGHLY lendable candidate so you can get low rate loans and credit lines

How to get access to business credit, loans, and credit lines when you need them at the best rates possible… and how to do so with concierge service from top business advisors and finance officers

How you can make money offering business credit and financing as a service… as well as getting money and credit for your business.

And much more

During this one show you’ll get every detail you need to build your business credit and get loans and credit lines for your business.

Whether you are just getting started in business, have no collateral, lack cash flow, or are established and looking for the most money and credit at the best terms… this special one-of-a-kind webinar is for you!

Do you want to make money offering business credit and financing? Check out this link to discover how you can earn big commissions offering business credit and financing services for your customers

Your Business Fundability

Many business owners make the terrible mistake of thinking that just because they are in business, they deserve a business loan or line of credit.  These business owners will start their business and then instantly try to go out and apply for business financing.  Little do they know their business isn't fundable and they are declined, destroying their personal credit score and any opportunity to be approved for business financing in the next several months.

There are several different aspects of creating a business so that it can be fundable in the short-term and in the long-term.  Many business owners have a skewed perception of what it means to be fundable.  Let's look at some of the items that are needed for your business to be fundable.

Lender Compliant
Lenders are going to review a 20 item checklist to make sure that before they even look at your loan application, your business has a solid corporate foundation.  Your corporate foundation consists of your legal business name, proper business phone number, proper business address, state legal filings, and 16 other compliance items.  Lenders pretty much want to see that you have taken the time to pay attention to the details.

Strong Business Credit Scores
Your business credit score is just like your personal credit score.  If you do not have a good personal credit score you will not be able to buy a house, a car, or anything else that requires a good personal credit score for financing.  Your business credit score works the same way.  If you do not have a good business credit score with all three business credit reporting agencies, you will most definitely be declined for unsecured business financing.

Business Credit Diversity
Banks and lending institutions want to see that you have a diverse credit profile.  Again, just like your personal credit score, your business credit score goes up if you have a combination of reporting business credit cards and reporting vendor lines of credit.  If you only have one business credit card and nothing else, a bank or lender will be a bit more hesitant to approve your business for unsecured financing.

Business Credability
Having a strong business credit foundation is one aspect to becoming business fundable, however, being business credable is a different ball game.  Business credability is how you present your business to a potential lender or investor.  This will tell them whether or not you have a business plan that will entertain debt financing.  This has quite a bit to do with your business plan, your executive summary and your financial documents.  Ask yourself one question, "Would you lend You money?"